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We’re building a culture of belonging

To work in service of all customers and communities, we need a workforce that is as diverse as the customers we serve — and a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Our people

From inclusive interviewing panels to learning and development opportunities for current employees, we’re focused on everyone who works at GFiber at every step of their career.

Our culture

Through our collective DEIB attributes, Employee Resource Groups, concern outreach resources, and more, we’re creating a culture where all employees feel a sense of community, support, and safety.

Our cities

We live our values in the communities we serve. This means things like working with diverse suppliers, community program sponsorships, and participation in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program.

Join us at GFiber

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What DEIB means to our leaders

Headshot of Dinni Jain - CEO of Google Fiber

Dinni Jain

Chief Executive Officer

“I’ve never in my career been at a place where I’ve felt such a sense of belonging. I want that feeling for everyone at GFiber. I also recognize, from my own personal experience, the energy and productivity that is unlocked when people know they’re in the right place. Our goals, as humans and as a business, require us to get this right.”

Headshot of Rocco Laurenzano - VP of Operations

Rocco Laurenzano

Chief Operating Officer

“We want our people to be at their best, both personally and professionally, which means our team members need to feel they can bring the best of themselves everyday. That requires us to create a sense of belonging, a sense of safety, a sense of trust and a sense of fairness.”

Headshot of Melani Griffith- VP of Customer Engagement

Melani Griffith

Chief Growth Officer

“We want our employees to represent our communities, and we’re building a work environment rooted in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging so that everyone can see themselves, and authentically be themselves, here.”

Creating community together

GFiber’s Employee Resource Groups (ERG) provide awareness around identity, leadership development opportunities for our employees, and a sense of community for their members and allies.

Together, they are working to empower every employee with community support and safety, practical resources, and equitable opportunities.

A woman is having a chat with her co-worker in the lunch area.

Meet our ERGs

A logo of Asian Google Network (AGN)

An employee network dedicated to supporting our diverse and multicultural Asian community.

Logo of Allyship Employee Resource Group @GFiber dedicated to advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Strong advocates in our communities with a military and veteran focus.

Logo of Allyship Employee Resource Group @GFiber dedicated to the advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Dedicated to supporting individuals on their personal pathways to allyship.

Logo of Cente @GFiber: a joyful and welcoming community where our LGBTQ+ members and allies actively support each other.

A safe space for all to share ideas, concerns and experiences centered around the Latinx community.

Logo of Black Employee Resource Group @GFiber dedicated overall development of members and allies of the African diaspor.

Embody the theme of “Still I Rise” by providing a safe and supportive environment where voices are heard.

Logo of Pride @GFiber: a joyful and welcoming community where our LGBTQ+ members and allies actively support each other.

Dedicated to building a vibrant and open culture for all LGBTQ+ employees.

Disability Alliance @GFiber logo enhancing accessibility in products, services, branding, and workplaces.

Creating a sense of community and a platform to improve accessibility.

Logo of Women @GFiber that supports women's success through inclusive programming, growth opportunities & community building.

Supporting the success of women through inclusive and professional growth opportunities.

Meet the team

Headshot of Terri Moore - Head of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity at GFiber

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, each word focuses on an important concept. When each of these concepts are activated throughout our workplace, we have a stronger, more agile organization. The strategic focus of DEIB positions GFiber for more consistent growth and advantage. Our colleagues, customers and partners benefit from processes and outcomes truly focused on their actual needs versus assumptions and missing targets. Our result is increased DEIB goals through self-awareness, intention, practicing and empathy.

Terri Moore

Head of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, GFiber

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging means creating a culture where we acknowledge each other’s humanity, celebrate our strengths, and intentionally create an environment where everyone can reach their fullest ability. To create a world where we can all belong, it requires each of us to show up daily and work together.

Anna Lee

Equity Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager

Headshot of Anna Lee- Equity Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager

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